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When I first went to Michelle for an energy drawing, I had no idea what to expect but she came highly recommended by a friend who I trust.  On the phone, I had given her my full name and birthdate and she went to work.  Before the day of our appointment, Michelle had used her intuition and skills to create a drawing that to my astonishment, nailed my personality, the strengths, the weaknesses and obstacles which have painted my life.  But from wherever the place was that she was able to know all this, it's from the same place that she gave me steps and tools to overcome the negative aspects. I'm following them now and really seeing results. I also love the drawing itself, especially because its such an accurate reflection of me with the use of symbolism, and plan to hang it prominently.  I'm grateful to have met her.
 - Robin Barr - Mission Viejo, CA

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