we will always be connected in
our hearts...

“Why am I here...what is my purpose?”  I’m sure many of you have asked yourself these same questions throughout your life experience, along with “Why does it seem so hard at times?” Finding eternal peace and

Michelle is a gifted medium who intuitively brings a deep insightful connection into her work. As a Certified Life Coach, Esoteric Practitioner, Reiki Master and Speaker, she helps her clients gain awareness to empower their lives. 

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giving guidance to seeking these answers has always been a part of my journey since I was a young child. Growing up I knew that there was more to this adventure that needed to be discovered from within. Fortunately I have always been blessed with the environment that taught me to question, contemplate and challenge the answers that others tried to impress upon me, until I found what truly resonated with my higher-self.

Of course there have been many rough experiences along the way and feelings that question my existence. When these times occurred, it has taken every ounce of my being to rise up from the trenches and view 
them as gifts for my remembering.  The remembering of my true authentic SELF, my “I AM” connection, my deep oneness with the Divine Energy that is within every one of us just waiting to be recognized and flourish as our own. When I look back on my personal life experiences, I’m proud to know that I came out on top, much stronger and self-realized. Through financial crisis to the tragic suicide loss of my precious soul-friend Jeana, I can now see that these experiences catapulted me into awakening to my truth.  Once we decide that we want to change the perception of our journey then we can begin to authentically live the life we are meant to do so. 

My soul purpose, is to help others remember their true authentic SELF, the glory that already lies within each of us. We are ALL already enlightened beings, we just sometimes forget when caught up in our daily lives and need to be reminded. I could write pages about all of the incredible oneness experiences, connections and interactions with angels, guides and spirit from the other side and the class certifications that I have received. But, nothing can validate my truth and innate calling to serve as a “self-realization” intuitive coach to whomever requests guidance. 

From my heart to yours, I send to you immense gratitude,

courage and love to always seek your own truth.

Live, Love and Let Go!